Proceedings 2016

ELTeaM International Conference Proceedings Volume 3: Celebrating Students’ Engagement. Editors: Ikhsanudin, Albert Ruvinus, Urai Salam, Yanti Sri Rezeki, Dayat, Vedyanto. Publisher: ELTeaM. Published in Pontianak, 2016.

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Prelim of ELTeaM 3rd Proceedings

To What Extent Use WhatsApp for English Language Teaching
Darnawati, Jamiludin, Waode Sarasmita Uke (Pages 1-8)

Are Grammatical Errors Fossilized?: A Study of Indonesian Students Learning English as a Foreign Language
Endang Fauziati (Pages 9-27)

Teaching English for Kindergarten: Problems and Needs from Teachers’ Perspectives
Wisma Yunita, Gita Mutiara Hati (Pages 28-35)

A Study on The Effects of Criminal Game on Polteq BEM Students’ Vocabulary LearningJimmy Handoko
Jimmy Handoko (Pages 36-43)

The Effectiveness of Repetition and Role Play in Teaching Speaking
Westi Haryanti Utami (Pages 44-51)

Semantic Interference from Bahasa Indonesia in Students’ English Translation
Ismi Ajeng Hurriyah (Pages 52-63)

Implementing Task-Based Teaching in Speaking Class to Hospitality Students at Akademi Perhotelan Alpha Pontianak
Mita Nur Aflah (Pages 64-86)

Fostering Student Engag ement Throughout The English Lesson in Junior High School
Mirjam Anugrahwati (Pages 87-93)

Trace Effects: Virtually Reallity Game for EFL Students
Yusawinur Barella (Pages 94-98)

Corrective Feedback in Writing Class: Students’ Perceptions and Preferences
Dayat (Pages 99-108)