Tarian Tiga Etnis (Three-Ethnic Dance): Malay, Dayak, and Chinese culture in one choreography


Degulis Monument and Fountain in the evening:
Located at Tanjungpura University Round About

Welcome to Pontianak. We are very pleased to welcome you to our beautiful city of Pontianak. It is a historical city with some important historical/cultural heritages. A Malay Palace of Qadariyah, a wooden old mosque, an Equator monument, and some other cultural sites have colored the civilization and life style in this Equator City. Pontianak civilization has also been shaped by Kapuas river and Landak river that meet in the heart of the city.

Enjoy the hospitality of the residence as well as the beauty of the dances. You may also hang out at the Degulis Monument and Fountain park that is located in the middle of Tanjungpura University. You may also travel to other places within West Kalimantan to see the exotic life of Borneo.

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