Andrew Weiler

Teleconference Speaker
Writer and Practitioner (Australia)

Andrew Weiler

Andrew Weiler

Andrew has been in the language teaching field for well over 30 years in various capacities, including author, language (mainly ESL) teacher, language consultant, teacher trainer, Director of Studies language learning coach & blogger. He maintains that everyone has the capacity to learn languages, if only they do what is required. He regularly blogs at an increasingly popular site which is now being referred to by teacher training institutions, language schools, teachers and language learners.


Andrew Weiler

Originally from Hungary, Andrew started teaching ESL in 1978 with AMES, then the largest provider of ESL English to migrants in Australia. In 1981 he was invited to teach on the first professional course to prepare overseas trained doctors gain registration in Australia. In 1982, he was invited to become a Senior Tutor in the Horwood Language Centre at the University of Melbourne. He left there in 1985 to go and study in the US for a year. He returned to the Horwood Language Centre for a year, before accepting a place teaching ESL to migrants and international at Holmesglen Institute in 1987.

By this stage he realized that his passion was to help language learners realize that their power to learn language was innate and all it required were the right understandings, beliefs and methods. He set up a private language consultancy in those years to teach languages and teach teachers in those years. He consulted to a range of language centres as well as taught a number of languages through his consultancy.

Before too long, 1990, he was invited to apply to help develop an ESL pre service teacher training course at The State College of Victoria at Hawthorn. He then taught on that and subsequently helped develop and implement an ESL teacher training course for already trained teachers. Prior to the Institute merging with the University of Melbourne, he returned to Holmesglen Institute to take up his previous position.

In 1996 he was appointed as Manager to implement and manage the Adult Migrant Education Program. Included in those duties was setting up an office to look after all student related matters across the language centre.

In 2001 he took over as acting Director of Studies. Then in 2002 he was asked to head up the Language Centre at a new campus, the Moorabin Campus. He took over all aspects of the management of the Language Centre, including staff management, student management, course delivery as well as the International Centre, which included managing the relationship with the Trajal Colleges in Japan, that had programs at Holmesglen.

After successfully overseeing, designing and implementing a new Database system for the language centre, including all aspects of student management as well as many aspects of staff management, he resigned his position to return to his key passion, teaching.

He was soon was asked to go to another new campus to act as an experienced teacher there and, given his past positions, help with setting up the centre in an informal role. At the same time he established a website ( devoted to helping language learners understand that they CAN learn any language successfully as long as they stop doing what is hindering their efforts and embrace practices that will lead to the “promised land”.

Shortly after that a student of his asked him why he hadn’t written a book about his ideas. That sparked the idea of doing just that, taking a year to write it (Language Learning Unlocked) and another to do everything that is required in self publishing and promoting. His articles have now reached all corners of the world with subscribers to his blog from over 80 countries with his articles finding their way into school, language schools and centres and universities.

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