Guideline of Submision

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The abstract for the research-based paper should include the introductory statement, the general research objectives, research methodology, and discussion of the outcomes.

  1. The abstract for the theory-based discussion paper should include the introductory statement, the general paper objectives, literary discussion, and recommendation.
  2. Any of the abstract should be completed with 5 keywords.
  3. The brief abstract (100-150 words)  is written in:
    1. Word Processor: MS Word document,
    2. Page Size: A4,
    3. Margins: 1” top, 1” bottom, 1.25’ left, 1” right,
    4. Font: Times New Roman Size-12, Headings-12 Bold, Spacing-1.5,
    5. Title of the paper: Font 12, Bold, Central alignment,
    6. Author/s, Affiliation, Town, Country: Right alignment, below title, italics,
    7. Email Ids & Contact numbers: end of the paper, Font 12, Bold.


Leave one blank line after the affiliations. Then type “ABSTRACT” (centered, 12-point, bold). Leave another blank line and followed by the text of the abstract 12-point, justified). Leave one blank line after the text of the abstract and type “Keywords:” (align left, 12-point, bold). A maximum of five keywords, separated by commas, should immediately follow the colon.


Any abstract accepted will be reviewed by the blind review board. Notification of acceptance will be sent to the writer within approximately ten days. The writer of any accepted abstract should submit the full paper before 1 September 2014.


Full papers  to appear in our conference publication should contain the followings:

  1. Name, institute affiliation, mailing address, and email address for all authors,
  2. Paper title,
  3. Topic code,
  4. Abstract,
  5. Keywords,
  6. Introduction,
  7. Body of paper,
  8. Tables, figures, etc. in their proper position in the paper (if applicable),
  9. Conclusion,
  10. Brief biography of each author (one paragraph, no more than 100 words),
  11. References

(Note: introduction + body + conclusion of paper max. 5,000 words)

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  1. milawati says:

    I really appreciated to join it.

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