English Language Teaching Materials (ELTeaM) is a non profit professional association founded by Ikhsanudin and declared by eight scholars in Jakarta (1 April 2010). Download ELTeaM’s statute (Anggaran Dasar) for more detailed information.


We are a community of scholars and professionals in English language teaching in Indonesia who have a special interest in English language teaching materials development. On the principles of Pancasila and universal humanity, we are committed to establishing a charity entitled English Language Teaching Materials (ELTeaM) as a centre for research, discussion, and education in the field of English language teaching materials development. The charity is open to Indonesian citizens of all ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds and established for the sole purpose of English language teaching innovation in Indonesia, as a part of Indonesia’s national educational development.

Jakarta, 1 April 2010

Ikhsanudin (Universitas Tanjungpura – Pontianak), Zuharty (Universitas Negeri Jakarta), Tri Wintolo Apoko (Universitas Muhammadiyah “Prof. Dr. Hamka” – Jakarta), Martriwati (Universitas Muhammadiyah “Prof. Dr. Hamka” – Jakarta), Istiqamah (Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri – Pontianak), Agus Saripudin (Universitas Sriwijaya – Palembang), I Wayan Dirgayasa (Universitas Negeri Medan), and Refnaldi (Universitas Negeri Padang).

ELTeaM International Boards 2017-2021

ELTeaM International Advisory Board 2017-2021
Jayakaran Mukundan                          (University Putra Malaysia – Malaysia)
Ivor Timmis                                         (Leeds Beckett University – UK)
Naeema Hann                                     (Leeds Beckett University – UK)
Norhaida Aman                                  (National Institute of Education – Singapore)
Jeneifer Nueva                                    (Central Mindanao University – Philippines)
Cary Chappell                                     (Kansas State University – USA)

ELTeaM International Excecutive Board 2017-2021
Ikhsanudin                                           (President – Indonesia)
Bayu H. Wicaksono                            (Member – Indonesia)
Hedriek Hasan                                    (Member – Indonesia)
Jerlyn Gamboa Galang                      (Member – Pilippiness)
Mirjam Anugerahwati                       (Member – Indonesia)
Paulus Widiatmoko                            (Member – Indonesia)
Puji Sumarsono                                   (Member – Indonesia)
Sorhaila L. Latip Yusoph                   (Member – Pilippines)
Stella Prancisca                                   (Member – Indonesia)
Sudiran                                                 (Member – Indonesia)

ELTeaM Board (2013 – 2017)
Ikhsanudin (President)
Sudarsono (Vice President)
Andini Linarsih (Secretary)
Ana Fergina (Treasurer)
Yohanes Gatot Sutapa Yuliana (Publication)
Petronela Regina (Publication)
Bambang Wijaya (Event)
Stella Prancisca (Event)
Urai Salam (Membership)
Zainal Arifin (Membership)

Contact: ikhsan.edu@gmail.com

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