MulyadiMULYADI is the head of the Education Service of Pontianak Municipality. He completed his doctorate degree at Jakarta State University in 2014. Starting his career as a teacher, he then served as a headmaster, the secretary of educational service, the head of archive and library office, and the head of youth and sport service of Pontianak Municipality. As the head of the Education Service, he has made significant progress and made education in Pontianak one of the key points of Pontianak local government focus. Under his supervision, a number of schools in Pontianak got perfect score of accreditation by National Body of Accreditation for Schools and Madrasahs and some of them got ISO certificates.


The Strategy and Implementation of Education Quality Enhancement in Pontianak

As stipulated by Act 20/2003, the government should provide quality and affordable education for all Indonesia citizens equally and democratically. To meet the requirements, Pontianak local government has enhanced the quality and broaden the coverage of it service by involving all related the local government resources, involving the communities’ participation, and supporting the private schools and educational foundations/social organizations. My presentation will cover Pontianak local government educational plan and implementation, including the obstacles and solutions. I will expose how the local government, particularly the Education Service (Dinas Pendidikan), enhance the human resources (teachers and other education-related staffs) quality, assure the quality of their human resource performance, enhance the quality and quantity of facilities (including building and classrooms), and facilitate the quality of the teaching and learning process. In addition, I will also discuss how Pontianak Mayor and Local Peoples’ Representative (DPRD) support education quality enhancement by providing relatively enough fund and produce supportive regulations.

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