Previous Events

ELTeaM 1st International Conference was held in Pontianak on 16-18 December 2012 under a full support by UPT Bahasa Universitas Tanjungpura (Pontianak – Indonesia). The conference atracted scholars and educators from Malaysia and many different parts of Indonesia. Five invited speakers: Ivor Timmis and Naeema Hann (UK) and Jayakaran Mukundan (Malaysia), and Indonesian scholars (Ikhsanudin and Sudarsono) presented at the plenary sessions of the conference. Meanwhile, a team from USA led by an ELT expert Liz England gave a workshop on ELT materials development, as an integral part of the conference.

ELTeaM 2nd International Conference was held in Pontianak on 31 October to 1 November 2014, hosted by UPT Bahasa and ELT Graduate Program of Universitas Tanjungpura. Attended by participants from Indonesia and Malaysia, more invited speakers presented in the confrence, namely: Brian John Tomlinson (UK), Hitomi Masuhara (Japan), Naeema Hann (UK), Sudarsono (Indonesia), Refnaldi (Indonesia), Ali Alkhaldi (AEU), Jennifer Uhler (USA), and Andrew Weiler (Australia)  contributed their ideas, expertise, and expriences in the conference offline and online.

ELTeaM 3rd International Conference, that  was held in Pontianak on 20-21 October 2016, attracted ELT participants from Malaysia, Marocco, Philippines, and Indonesia. In this conference more experts from more various countries were invited. Those were: Jayakaran Mukundan (Malaysia), Naeema Hann (UK), Andew Wailer (Australia), a team from Kansas State University USA, Norhaida Aman (Singapore), Ali Alkhaldi (Kuwait), Feng Guang huo (China), Jeneiver Nueve (Philippines), Jerlyn Gamboa Galang (Philippines), and Bambang Wijaya (Indonesia), and Ikhsanudin (Indonesia).

Download ELTeaM 3rd Proceedings here.

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