Brian Tomlinson

Brian John Tomlinson

Brian John Tomlinson

Brian John Tomlinson was born on November 21st 1943 in Blackpool, England. He gained a BA, a PGCE, an MA and a PhD from British universities and he has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, football coach and university academic in Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, UK, Vanuatu and Zambia as well as giving presentations in over seventy countries. He is Founder and President of MATSDA (the international Materials Development Association), a Visiting Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University and a TESOL Professor at Anaheim University. He has over one hundred publications on materials development, language through literature, the teaching of reading, language awareness and teacher development, including Discover English (with Rod Bolitho), Openings, Materials Development in Language Teaching, Developing Materials for Language Teaching, Research for Materials Development in Language Learning (with Hitomi Masuhara) and Applied Linguistics and Materials Development.

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